“The chickens make compost for our garden- it’s a big circle!”


Top left to bottom: Cow Cow, Merily, and Cookiebob in their natural habitat.

Happy Spring! You may have noticed we have some new friends at Glen Park School! For the past two weeks we have been enjoying observing the three new laying hens that were donated to our school. Each with their own unique personalities, Glen Park students have been doing a great job calmly meeting the chickens, respecting that when a chicken walks away she is communicating her need for personal space, and observing the 2-3 eggs they lay each day. The 2nd graders even had a chance last week to make an Carrot and Dill Omelet with the eggs and share everything they’ve learned about the chickens with their garden penpals at Fairmont Elementary School.

IMG_1348 IMG_1344IMG_1340

Older students helps prepare a garden snack for the chickens with weeds and slugs from the garden- a great way to compost garden pests!


The omelet was a thumbs up for many 2nd graders!

Give a big hello to the chickens as you enter the school yard!

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“We’re like mini meteorologists!”

The kinders and first graders at Glen Park School have shifted their observational skills toward the weather over the past month.

Kindergartners started by reviewing weather vocabulary and drawing what an imaginary animal would do during different weather phenomena:

IMG_1202          IMG_1159


And celebrated liquids and solids by making a rainbow smoothie with veggies from the garden:

IMG_1232          IMG_1233


The first graders have been learning all about how clouds are made (and watched as their paper towel cloud got too heavy and made rain), observing the clouds all around Glen Park School, and exploring wind through bubbles and ribbon sticks:

IMG_1157         IMG_1154


IMG_1246          IMG_1247

IMG_1216                                      IMG_1214


Also- a special shout out goes to Glen Canyon Market for the very generous donation of a case of oranges for walk and roll to school day today! Thanks for being such great neighbors!


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“Wait- these work as wheels!”

Second grade scientists put their engineer hats on in the Outdoor Classroom this week. Their challenge was to design a tool that would move a heavy brick across the yard. Students quickly realized that rubbing (friction) was slowing their machines down and brainstormed some solutions:


Pulling their machines.


Some times little bumps in the road lead to…


Beautiful solutions!


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“This rain caused a lot of canals in the garden!”

Many Glen Park Students have been very impressed by the recent wet weather! From seeds sprouting to a new river beds forming on the main pathway to broccoli plant growing over 2 feet tall, all this rain has caused a huge transformation in our garden: 

IMG_0973            IMG_0868

IMG_0975          IMG_0972

What we’ve been up to this week in our damp Outdoor Classroom:

IMG_1014         IMG_1006

Second and Fifth graders helped prepare our yard for this coming storm by finishing the sheet mulching of the yard along Brompton Street by adding layers of cardboard, compost, and wood chips.

IMG_1004       IMG_0983

First graders have been exploring the many creatures living in our garden habitat and building habitats for imaginary creatures. One first grader aimed to make her habitat extra friendly for our yard’s ants. When asked if she though ants would actually live in her habitat she an answered  “of course! I even added some food from my snack.”

           IMG_0998   IMG_0987

The kinders are learning about different flower parts and had a chance to make bracelets with the many beautiful flowers in our garden and read a book about the life cycle of a plant.

IMG_0960        IMG_0959

Third graders are finishing up their unit on adaptation with some practice using the scientific method and setting up races for various garden creatures. This process lead to a lot of interesting testable questions: will worms move faster with the lights on or off? Does food help increase speed? Will adding soil to the race track make worms move faster?

Hope everyone is staying safe out there and gets a good puddle stomp in after the clouds clear!

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“I’m going to name this leaf love- it smells like mint and hugs”

Happy fall everyone! In the words of a very astute kindergartner, fall is the best season because “all the butterflies come to visit!” Fall in the garden has been full of this flurry- both in terms of nature sightings, new construction projects, and exciting scientific discoveries

. IMG_0863   IMG_0823 Kindergarten scientists have been hard at work using their senses to observe the new world of the outdoor classroom

. IMG_0852   IMG_0838 First graders have been exploring the 6 plant parts that help plants grow big and strong. IMG_0858   IMG_0848 Second graders have been digging deep to discover the power of the brown stuff that makes up our garden.

IMG_0843   IMG_0815 Third graders have zoomed their focus on seeds, excitedly saving cilantro and bean seeds for us to plant next spring and breaking apart a lima bean to find the tiny shoot ready to grow.

IMG_0816   IMG_0774 Fourth graders have been learning about how plants fit together in an intricate web of ecology.

IMG_0801   IMG_0830 Community has been on the mind of Fifth graders who have been working hard to maintain the garden and cooked some salsa with our bounty. IMG_0767   IMG_0798 Hope fall finds you enjoying all of nature’s hidden treasures!

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Oh how our garden grows!

Welcome to the new Glen Park School Garden blog! My name is Mary Catherine and I will be your guide to all the exciting goings on in our garden this year! What you can look forward to:

-photos of exciting discoveries in the outdoor classroom

-delectable recipes

-appreciation of all the hard work our community is putting into building this new space


Mary Catherine

hard at work



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